Pressure distribution

This week we found some really helpful research results about pressure distribution for bikers. It shows us exactly how the pressure zones change when the cyclist in a different posture.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pressure point saddle posture

Then we found some different video’s which cover some more details about the comfort of the cyclists. For example the video shown below:

pelvic-bone-diagram-bicycle-saddle-contact-pointsIn this video Josh Cohen (physical therapist) shows where the pressure hits the pelvis area, what the difference is between the male and female pelvis and what effect this has when cycling. The sitbones (1 on the picture) makes contact with the bike saddle. When the cyclist leans forward the pressure is more distributed towards the pubic rami (2). This information made clear to us how to create a comfortable saddle for performance cyclists (men and women).

The pattern we are using consists of cones from hard and flexible material alternately. When this is densily packed, there will be more suspension and when it is less compact there will be little to no suspension. We will use the Belousov-Zhabotinksy reaction in such a way that the densily packed areas are placed at the intersection of the sitbones for a sportive cyclist.