Science fair

After 5 weeks we succeeded in make a functioning 3D printed bicycle saddle using natural processes. We exhibited our product and research findings at the science fair today, the 1st of November at the faculty of Industrial Design. Below are some pictures of the final product and our stall at the science fair.

3D printing natural process


thumbnail_IMG-20161101-WA0022 thumbnail_IMG-20161101-WA0023












All in all it was a really nice day. We had time to look at the projects and great end results of our fellow students. The visitors were really enthusiastic and curious. The most commonly asked questions were: “ What exactly is the benefit of making a 3D printed product based on a natural process?” and “ How do you get a 3D printed saddle from your reaction?” The benefit of our product is that we let nature make the blueprint for our product. This is less time consuming than regular modeling processes on the computer. Moreover, the essence of this product is formed by nature without much human interference. We only created the boundaries for the natural process, which was in this case the saddle. This principal idea of our project really seemed to come across.

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